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Sunday, May 11, 2008

21 mph avg speed!

No, not the riders. The wind. It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon, but the impending cool air was preceded by a strong blast from the west. Despite that, Trevor, Robert and Angela showed up at Village Green Park for a "beginner's ride." Angela is the actual beginner, but really rides better than she thinks she does. We did 16.2 miles at a hair off 14 mph avg. Definitely past the beginner stage now. Angela tried out my Rambouillet and looks good on it! Will Rivendell give me some commission if she buys one? She asked while we were riding, "what should I look for in a bike?" and the answer is the one I always give: "One that fits you and feels comfortable when you are on it, and fits your budget." We talked about frame materials, but honestly, bikes that feel good can be made in any material and at almost any price point. I prefer steel, but Robert is well pleased with his relatively inexpensive aluminum Dawes from Trevor has gotten long service from his aluminum Cannondale (though he says he rides less than he would like to)

We rode an out and back to the Elmore store and then chit chatted in the parking lot a while. Pictures above are of the riders, and hopefully the wind moving the bushes around.

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