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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Stroll

Today was the third in a row for club beginner rides, and once again, attendance was high. It's so encouraging to have new people coming out and riding, and also to see regulars coming out to keep them company. We did one lap of 15.3 miles at 10.2 mph and a couple of folks still had to work hard as they climbed the rollers. No problem. Everyone finished and they will continue to improve if they stay at it. I stayed towards the rear, and by the time I made it to the cars, a couple of faster beginners had gone on for a few more miles with Ann, back finally on a bike after her surgery time off. It was so good to see you there! Young Master Goodwyn accompanied his beaming parents. Aside from discovering why we don't wear cotton undershorts on a bike ride, I think he did well. Son and Dad were resplendent in matched TREK helmets. Angela is ready for prime time on her road bike. A loaner from Cycle Escape, it was a very classic Miyata FULLY LUGGED steel frame beauty. In Blue and White even. :) My around the corner neighbor, Carmen, joined us for the 1st time and she is also ready to go prime time.

Another go at ride pictures! We have Peggy leading a team up a roller. She came early and ran, then rode, then ran again. Can we say "training" anyone? Then there is new friend Carmen cruising in the big ring up the hill past the Matthews Post Office. The pretty white house (can you call something that size a "house?" reminded me of a 70s TV show. It's typical of what we ride past in many areas of the outlying county. Finally, a view of the beginners as we started out on the trip. Everyone looked happy then, and again at the end. Not everyone was so happy in the wind or up the hills. Why is that, I wonder?

A group of us turned in a second lap. Where the first one consumed an hour and a half, it was only 50 minutes the second time, which means we were cruising over 18 mph. I must have put new batteries in my tires, because that's way too fast for me. I don't know though. On the second pass up the little roller to the post office, I broke away at about 24 mph uphill, so maybe there was some zing in my legs today. I also hit 30 on a flat spin for about 1/2 a mile. again, pretty darn quick. I just had to pull ahead of Richard and Alice!! :)

Hope to see some zing on Tuesday, that's for sure.

Tailwinds everybody!!

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