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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Everyone Make It Back?

Today's ride seemed to morph from 3 distinct groups to irregular clumps of riders travelling different distances and speeds. One by one, all my supposed cohorts decided to go either faster (and hitched on the Bilee-Patty Express) or slower (and got on the Wendell Bus) than they had agreed to. In the end, I started out with Wendell and his 12 mph for 30 miles plan, but Tim and I did a breakaway as soon as we made the first turn at 4 miles. He had an 11 Am appt in P'Ville to be back for, and I wanted to get in more miles than the others were intending. The slow pace of this group would not let either of us make our goals happen.

Tim and I rode together as far as the Ramer Store, going further South and coming back north to get some miles. The Jack Russell terriers came out after us as usual. Well for me. New for Tim. "Someone should feed those things," he said. The store has not changed at all over the years. You still walk through the butcher dept to get to the very old style bathroom. In the "produce" dept, there were only 6 bananas out, all looked good, and 5 more than I needed, but you get some idea of the place. I only eat bananas when I ride, but they really help then. We parted company 5 miles north of the store when Tim turned West on CR 24 to find his car(some 10 miles ahead), and I kept North on Hobie Rd to the Snodoun store. Tim and I were leaving Ramer just as the fast folks were pulling in. we exchanged pleasantries, but did not linger. I was soaked in sweat from the humidity, and it was worse when I stopped. At least moving air meant some drying of my clothes. I stopped again at the Snodoun Store, and got more zero Powerade and a vanilla yogurt bar. Coming South on Butler Mill from Snodoun, I started to see the fasties again. First fully lugged Dan on his red Waterford Precision Cycle, then Bill, and finally Bilee, who shouted something that I could not hear. Probably, something like, "You look pooped!" Which was accurate, as I had been pulling solo into the wind for 12 miles, while they had the tailwind, and were pace lining. Hey, I may be slow, but I come by it honestly! Anyone can go faster if they sit in a draft all the time. I know, I've done it too. :)

I ended up just a tad shy of 50 miles and ran 14.4 mph avg, which is in the advertised range of 13 - 15. I didn't like the humidity much, but the Kucharik wool jersey worked great. No stink! That alone makes it worth wearing. (Wool as a rule doesn't stink until after several wearings, which is when you wash it. Otherwise, just hang to dry and brush off the salt.) Today was also a trial run for the Panaracer Maxy-Fasty tires I got a deal on through a bike email list. They are the same size (34mm nominal, 32.8 actual) as my Nifty-Swifties, but folders and lighter by 2.5 oz per tire. I ran them at full 75 psi inflation and they were very comfortable. No flats either. I was tried after this ride, but it was a good kind of tired. Some left overs warmed up for lunch, a bit of a rest, and I'll be ready to go again tomorrow.

I'm around this week (long story, but I was supposed to be in PA.) so daytime rides are possible. Feel free to email me if you are so inclined and want company. I'd like to do some routes I never get to.


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