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Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Wal-Mart Ride

Tonight we were back at that Bentonville-based shopping Mecca, Wal-Mart. To aid in traffic management (so I wouldn't have a funeral cortège following me up that 1st awful hill), we ran the route counter clockwise tonight. Definitely MY favorite way to go. You have a longer, more gradual climb to the apex of the loop, although there are two climbs of 12% and 13% grade, which are steeper than going in the other direction. At least when I get to the hills, my muscles have warmed up and I enjoy the effort. Only two of us tonight, Austin and me. We rode together except on the climbs. Austin is a college kid, weighs nothing and never tires. Btw, he just was offered a full ride academic scholarship, so kudos to Austin.

This ride starts out in a congested part of town, but there was plenty of shoulder to ride on. It quickly turns into a rural, lightly traveled road, and the scenery is good. An early dad's day gift was a small camera, and here are a few shots from the ride!

First, the Ramboulliet, ready to ramble. The next picture is a typical field we pass by on every ride. This was shot at about 18 mph. Then there is a shot taken of Austin in his club jersey. I told him this is his best side. Finally, a "panda" (I have no idea why they call it that) of my handlebars showing about 5 mph. This is becuase I am pedaling up the 13% grade and trying to manipulate a new camera. Notice the "beausage" of the bar tape (we used to call it looking "broken in") and the elastic band on the handlebar. That's a parking brake.

Err, the pictures were uploaded in the order written about, but they self arranged differently. I have confidence in my readership to work out the details.

The data: 19.6 miles in 1 hr 14 mins and 1,151' of climbing. temp was 82F and the wind was out of the south at 17 mph.

I'll be in town for a club ride this weekend, and am looking forward to seeing some people for the 1st time in a while.


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