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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Unchained Melody?

It was a fine evening for a ride, and I even sang as I rode for a while. This may explain why I was riding alone for much of the evening. The Righteous Brothers of course, but some Bon Jovi (Living on a Prayer), John Stewart (anyone recall his biggest hit?) Jay and The Americans, and maybe some others. What prompted this tuneful ramble through the county? New guy Joseph dropped his chain twice while trying to leave the parking lot at The Pasta Mill! He is new to Maxwell and read about our rides. Joseph roared into the parking lot as we were ready to roll at 6, but we were happy to wait for him to take his bike, completely in pieces, out of his trunk and do a reassembly. While he was engaged in that, we three wagered. "Air Force?" Probably. "Enlisted or Officer?" We guessed, "Newly minted 2LT." We got one right, one wrong.

So we cruise on out and then up Gin Shop Hill. Then Caramia Carmen did the chain suck thing as her dérailleur moved too far inboard part way up the hill. It happened again as she turned off of Wadsworth Loop and climbed up CR 51. Hey Mark, how long is the wait for a tune up at your shop? We need her back for the Club Lite ride on Saturday.

There was some murmuring tonight which totally shocked me. Dark hints that I somehow understated the climbing, or length of rides, when trying to persuade people to come out. I am shocked, shocked that anyone would say that about moi! After all, I am trained in Bilee Miles!!

Robert and Joseph were running a complementary vibe tonight. One had the jersey, the other the shorts, both with Gold's Gym on the logo. Robert came straight in from a 400 mile drive home after an out of town visit, and managed to make the ride. What's everyone else's excuse for not showing? Huh?

After the second of the four hills, I thought the Bon Jovi tune was very apropos. (the line about being 1/2 way there.) It caused Carmen to kick in an extra gear to get away from me anyway.

It was a nice evening to be riding. No real troubles with vehicles or mutts. Just bikes tonight.

Some pictures are included and the file names are pretty self explanatory.

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sherbitter said...

You are a big ball of goof.


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