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Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday, Monday

Not much riding today, just a few spins around the neighborhood. I was a little down today. A very sweet lady from Sunday school lost her battle with brain cancer (actually, it was the chemo that shut her liver down, but the chemo was due to the cancer) and the funeral was today. The couple, probably in their mid 70s, were frequent pew neighbors, and she was possessed of a very fine singing voice. I can't carry a tune in a bucket, so I felt badly that she had to endure me, but it never seemed to faze her. The service was excellent. Her former pastor, now retired, from a church downtown, and our current pastor, both spoke and they were very different, but effective to the occasion. Her grandson played a remarkably evocative arrangement of "Amazing Grace" on his violin.
I finished a letter to a pen pal today and felt the satisfaction of using a "forever" postage stamp on the first day of the new, higher rates. When the mail lady took it, she left a parcel containing some new tires for the Saluki. I decided to put them on. It was good to do something like that with my hands. These are Grand Bois Cypres 650B x 32 tires. Lightweight folders, they went on easily and they look really good. These were obtained at a discount from the US importer of them so I could compare them to my other tires. I went for a few laps in the neighborhood and they roll very nicely. I'll see how they do over the next 1,000 miles or so. I am hopeful they are not flat prone. There will be a report after my next ride, which should be tomorrow. While out on the bike this afternoon, I passed Carmen who was out with Thing One and Thing Two (also known as her Labradors) and said she was still hurting from last week's spill. (when her chain came off going up a hill). I hope she gets 100% soon and rejoins us. Her bike is also getting the tune up so maybe its chain slinging days are over.

Oh, I checked the weather up in PA and DC. They have had 5" of rain since Saturday, thousands are without power. Not a good time for a 400 mile trip on dirt two track. Yes, I do trust Providence, and the weather here has been MUCH better.

I didn't get in a long ride today, but "some days it just works out that way."

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